Understanding The Profession That Is Urogynecologogy


You need to understand that a Urogyn in Houston or urogynecologist is a surgeon that handles urology and gynecology cases or in general they take care of women’s disorder within the pelvic area.

A Greater Houston Urogyn or urogynecologist operates on internal organs within the pelvic area of a female body like the uterus, vagina and the bladder.

If the pelvic area is weakened or torn due to natural causes like childbirth, excessive strain and menopause, it could very much cause some disorders that could mess up the pelvic floor of a woman. You have to understand that those mentioned causes on top are just the beginning; a woman could get the pelvic floor disorder from smoking cigarettes, repetitive heavy weight lifting or it could be in the genes.

If you want to watch out for these problems, here is a list of the different causes of damages by the pelvic region.

Incontinence is a problem that can cause someone to lack control over her urination and defecation; this is not a problem any woman would want, right? The prolapse disorder is also another problem that will cause the pelvic organs to slip down due to immense pressure.

Emptying disorders is also another problem that can happen to you; imagine not being able to urinate or move bowel, that is not a pretty sight at all.

Pain is going to be a problem as well; imagine feeling your aching pelvis, bladder or urethra and even the lower back part of your body. For more references, visit https://www.britannica.com/science/estrogen-replacement-therapy.

An overactive bladder is also another cause that can inflict you with some pelvic disorders and problem; this is the sudden urge to urinate plus adding pressure in the bladder.

Fistulas; this is a surgical hole made between your urethra and vagina and the rectum and the vagina and a bladder and a vagina.

Do you know what these urogynecologists are trained to do?

Before you can become a urogynecologist, you have to earn a medical school degree first. These medical school graduates will have to take up their residency in the department of urology, obstetrics and gynecology. These are doctors who are certified surgeons. They can do non surgical operations though if surgery is not needed. They have undergone training for evaluating, diagnosing and treating conditions that will be within the pelvic region where their area of expertise is focused on.

You have to know that when it comes to pelvic area problems, make sure you contact a urogynecologist right away to have your pelvis checked and other internal organs within the pelvic area.


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